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From time immemorial, racing was the prime sports event in Greece and way back in 776BC, the Athenians built first stadium to accommodate thousands of sports lovers to see this grand physical feat. The word ‘STADIUM’ came from ‘STADIA` which measures the length of racing tract. With the passage of time, sports and adventure went through so many institutional changes to evolve into present sport complex and stadium.

Today I visited a few schemes implemented under MGNREGA in Dhaniakhali block of Hooghly. The EARTHEN STADIUM in a tiny village Rudrani at Belmuri GP, Dhaniakhali, Hooghly is an outstanding innovation in MGNREGA radar. Under this convergence initiative Rs.28 lakh(mostly wage oriented) to be pooled from MGNREGA and Rs.12 lakh from Finance Commission Grant. This earthen stadium having two wings will accommodate 2500 spectators. We could not make much headway in building sports infrastructure across the state till date under MGNREGA and this project will show us way how to explore MGNREGA in building sports infrastructure like stadium from MGNREGA employing mainly labour wage. The Nirman Sahayak of the concerned GP under the guidance of BDO may be credited for this intuitive output. Apart from stadium, he designed and put in place a low cost AWC building with plastic bottled boundary wall and filler slab rooftop within Rs.7 lakh. Usage of Fly Ash bricks might have slashed it down further to Rs.6 lakh. He also estimated and implemented one 2 km black top road with Rs.50 lakh converging ISGP fund of Rs.15 lakh with NREGA contribution of Rs.35 lakh. Low cost but matching the standard of PWD/CPWD!! Kudos to these foot soldiers for making MGNREGA meaningful.